Berwick Street Market

In a Nutshell

Since 1770, traders on infamous Soho's Berwick Street have been selling their wares. Once merchandise was sold straight from the pavement, but in 1892 the informal market and its exotic array of goods were officially recognised and Berwick Street Market was born.

Berwick Street Market has long been synonymous with exotic cuisine and delicacies. Populated by Italian, Greek and French Huguenot sellers, the market brought many foreign foods and tastes to 19th Century London. In fact, this is the spot where London's very first tomatoes were sold in 1880 and the city's earliest introduction to the grapefruit in 1890.

Today, the market is just as much a foodie destination, offering delicious cuisine inspired by food cultures from across the globe. For fashion lovers too, Berwick Street Market is a must-visit hidden gem in Soho, surrounded by a whole host of fabulous fabric stores.


This historic market, tucked away amongst the trendy bars and businesses of Soho, has been associated with world food and pioneering fashion for almost 250 years. Originally home to traders touting delicious wares from Italy, Greece and beyond, the market's exotic foodie credentials are as strong today as they were in the late 1800s.

In the 1950s the new celebrity chefs of the day, including Fanny Cradock and Elizabeth David, turned to Berwick Street Market to purchase the exotic ingredients called for by their freshly adventurous recipes, from olive oil to oregano.

The market is no less of a foodie paradise today. In fact, it's one of Miss Digressive blogger Jaya Sabnani's favourite foodie spots: "Berwick Street Market...has really grown from strength to strength over the last 4 years and has churned out some great food stalls including Pizza Pilgrims who now have a number of restaurants in London". Jaya’s favourite Berwick Market treats showcase the market's diversity: "My absolute favourite store is the Pit Stop Cafe. It's a small truck with a cooker and they churn out a heap of different dishes, from Singapore noodles, to fried rice, to Malaysian curry and dim sum".

Other market "must-tries" include something scrummy-yet-healthy from Savage Salads, where Davide and Kristina serve up tasty treats for wholesome food-lovers: "We both thought there was a lack of healthy food around London and we wanted to offer...something that would make you feel good, that would fill you up and, of course, taste delicious". For a dish that’s a little more decadent, head to Italian-founded Tongue 'n Cheek for the "super juicy" Heartbreaker Burger, packed with succulent ox heart and dry-aged beef.


Located immediately off London's hectic Oxford Street, Berwick Street Market is found in the heart of London's Soho district, a short walk from Oxford Circus, Tottenham Court Road, Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus tube stations. This well-connected market is surrounded by an array of fabulous fabric shops, perfect for creative fashion-lovers, which have been a local staple since the area evolved its thriving Rag Trade in the early 1900s.

Off the street, you'll find a wealth of things to do in Soho. A five minute walk will take you to The Photographer's Gallery on Ramillies Street, home to an ever-changing selection of incredible images from history's most inspiring - and today's most exciting – photographers. For even more art, head to UNIT just off Berwick Street for something bold and contemporary, the Getty Images Gallery for exceptionally curated shots or White Rainbow for something more boutique.

Theatres and music venues abound in Soho. Close to the market you'll find fantastic spots for theatre, comedy, music and more. Visit the Soho Theatre to take in something vibrant and up-and-coming, pop over to the London Palladium for a classic musical or big comedy special or visit the 100 Club to get your underground jazz fix.

Soho and the area around Oxford Circus (don't forget to head for a spot of flagship store shopping on London's famous Oxford Street) are a fantastic spot to stay in the city. Central and easy to access from virtually all corners of the capital, with plenty of fantastic hotels suitable for a range of budgets, outgoing visitors will love the buzz, the restaurants and the nightlife right on their doorstep.