Borough Market


Borough Market is one of London's best known markets, popular with both locals and visitors alike. Dating back to 1040, the market has been located at the Southern end of today's London Bridge for over 1000 years, with Scandinavian literary giant Snorri Sturluson making reference to a market on the site in his account of the Anglo-Saxon King Ethelred the Unready's battle for the English crown.

Today Borough Market is home to exceptional produce and artisan food, often sold by the very people who reared, grew or made it. Located a short stroll from London Waterloo, the picturesque market beneath the railway and river bridges has a romantic, old-world feel which makes it a favourite with visitors. Meanwhile, its gourmet foodstuffs attract shoppers from across the city, from keen amateur cooks, to gourmet chefs and food writers.


This Southwark foodie paradise is a staple on London's market circuit. From it's 1040 origins, to the consternation it caused Medieval London by undercutting the city's prices for "corn, cattle and other merchandise", the market has held an important place in London life for over 1000 years.

In 1756 the market enjoyed a rebirth, with the announcement that a "commodious place for a market is now preparing on the backside of Three Crown Court". Throughout the 19th Century, the market evolved from an everyday market into a destination for fine produce, particularly quality fruit and vegetables, steadily growing into the artisan market so widely loved today.

Today you'll find much more than vegetables at Borough Market. The reputation for artisan produce now extends to gourmet bread, meat, cheese, fish and delectable treats, alongside exceptional street food. You'll even find regular free cookery demonstrations, perfect for inspiring your next knockout dish.

Amongst the market's traders, be sure to pay a visit to Gourmet Goat, an Eastern Mediterranean street food vendor chiming with the market's reputation for quality produce by offering scrumptious kid goat meat kofta (sourced wholly from British kid goats) in Greek pita, with tzatziki and fresh chilli salsa. Speaking about their Borough Market spot, founders Nadia and Nick Stokes explain: "Street food allows us to give as many people as possible a unique food experience".

Elsewhere beneath the bridges you'll find traditionally made East Sussex cheese from Alsop & Walker, Calabrian food direct from Italy from De Calabria and local hand-crafted spirits from the East London Liquor Company. Make sure you take a big shopping bag!


Located centrally in the city on the thriving South Bank, Borough Market is close to a wide array of activities and attractions perfect for visitors with all sorts of interests. For history buffs, this corner of the city is wonderfully rich in historic sites, from the 1897 Southwark Cathedral which looms over the market itself, to the 1129 prison known as The Clink located just a short walk from the market's many tempting stalls. Also in the vicinity you'll find the Golden Hinde II, a rebuilt Tudor galleon, used to circumnavigate the globe by Sir Francis Drake in the 16th Century.

A mere ten minute stroll along the South Bank to the West will bring you to Shakespeare's world famous Globe Theatre, reconstructed on its original site and now home to incredible Shakespearian performances of the Bard's enduring plays from some of the world’s finest actors – a must see for fans of literature, theatre or simply English culture.

If you're not a fan of history, keep walking West and you'll soon come to something much more modern – the Tate Modern. Home to some of the world’s best and most ground-breaking modern art, this gallery is a must see for artistically inclined visitors to the city. For the very finest views of the city today, don't forget to take a trip to the top of London's tallest building, the Shard, located directly above London Bridge station.

Easily accessible and crammed with brilliant things to do, the area around London Bridge is the perfect place to stay in the city. To find your ideal spot, explore hotels near London Bridge online.