Let Expedia inspire you

Most people don’t need much persuasion to take a holiday, but deciding where to go in different seasons can be tricky. Take a few seconds to enter your preferences into our destination planner and we’ll share a list of perfect holiday spots matched to your intended time of departure. From January to December we’ll guide you to the best places in the world to spend your holiday, depending on your interests.

Are you in the mood for some fun in the sun? How about a winter ski break in the Alps? Will your family be coming, or do you have a trip with friends in mind? Perhaps you are planning a stag or hen party abroad? Hang on a minute, you also need to decide whether you want a long holiday or a short trip. Plus, is there actually anything open in Spain/San Fran/Marrakech at this time of year? Decisions, decisions…

Don’t sweat it – our destination planner is the perfect tool to help you make your mind up. From city breaks to active sports and leisure breaks across a wealth of destinations from Las Vegas to Madrid, Expedia offer a range of holidays to suit different requirements. Let us inspire you to make the right holiday decision this year – whatever month you pick to travel.